Upfronts 2016-2017

As it’s been wrap up week for school, I haven’t been posting about Upfronts as much as a usually do. Upfronts are the week in May when the big 4 networks and others unveil their new slate of shows and the returning ones for the next TV season. Perhaps in an age of streaming and binge watching, traditional TV networks seem quaint, but they still control much of what we watch, even if they can’t control our consumption habits they way they used to, which causes them revenue issues–i.e. we all avoid ads like the plague.

So far, ABC has the most shows I’m interested in. Actually, almost all the shows I’m interested in except for a lonely NBC show. I’m still bummed about the non pick up of Marvel’s Most Wanted, but that’s because I miss Bobbie and Hunter. They replaced a snarky part of the show lost when Grant Ward revealed himself as a psychopath, and Melinda needs more people to back her up.

  • Designated Survivor

I like a good political thriller, and Kiefer Sutherland looks like the perfect, dedicated, opinionated civil servant who never expected to be more than one of those guys working behind the scenes. It seems like a nice counterpoint to Madam Secretary, which I also adore.

  • Conviction 

Okay, admittedly the premise of this one steers a little too close to Scandal for my tastes, which I stopped watching because it got to over the top/I checked out when Quinn began to like torturing people. But, if Agent Carter had to get canceled, at least I have Hayley Atwell back on my TV and Merrin Dungey too! (I’ve missed you). I also like a good redemption narrative, and does Atwell ever look bad in anything she wears from any time period?

  • Notorious

I loved Covert Affairs, and while this one yet again smacks too much of Shondaland, Piper Perabo strangely has the ability to bring gravitas to roles that seem less worthy. I’m hoping she can do that here. Mostly, she needs light and levity. Covert Affairs went down the darkness rabbit hole too much in those last two seasons.

  • Speechless

Minnie Driver usually annoys me, but this one made me laugh and, I hope, has a disability plot that seems to be merely the set up for a quirky family comedy instead of being handled horribly.

  • Time After Time

I love a good time travel show, and while I don’t trust ABC with them (they cancel them after a season), maybe this one won’t fare quite so badly. The Neo-Victorian nature of it seems to be muted, which is good. I don’t trust American network TV to do Victorian or Neo-Victorian one little bit after the abysmal NBC Dracula.

  • Timeless

Time travel series number two, this time on NBC, which doesn’t have the best track record. Yet, this one holds more promise in some ways, and the fact that it deals with race head on is refreshing. As the pilot says, “there is no place in US history that’s awesome for black people.” I also liked it when he told the cop that he was on the losing side of history.


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