Still absorbing Brexit implications, but it reminds me of two different incidents. In 1996, I lived in London for a semester. One of the guys in the house of American college students was actually from England, just attending school in the US and on a weird reverse exchange. At any rate, he was from Brighton and about as Tory as possible. On a day trip to Canterbury, he said the most bigoted things imaginable about a group of German tourists, who he apparently identified by their windbreakers in true xenophobic fashion. I generally avoided him after that.

I was on a train to Edinburgh in 2011 and a man from Taiwan, who had lived in the US, asked me what was going on with Congress threatening to default and sending the US economy over the precipice. My answer was we’ve gone mad. But only mad enough to show boat.Indeed, the general feel in England that trip was you poor American with your crazy government. 

I’m no fortune teller nor make any claims to be, and there are some real dissatisfactions at work here that have noting to do with the EU. But it feels like the cliff is behind us now instead of in front. 


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