Intersex, Trangender, and Sex in the Olympics

A follow up to yesterday’s post, here’s an article from FiveThirtyEight looking at transgender athletes and the conditions for male to female transgender athletes. It has some good quotes from Caitlyn Jenner, perhaps one of the best people to speak on the issue being one of the few high profile people to be both an Olympian and transgender. 

I have to admit I find it so puzzling that the IOC thinks that male athletes would try to fake being a woman in order to compete in that division. The one case that the first article mentions is of someone born with atypical genitial, whose parents raised him as female, and he competed as female, but he always thought he was male and was relieved when found out because he could then live as a man. Competing at this level is so difficult that adding living a lie on top of it seems too much. (Perhaps I’m too influenced by the NYTimes article about doping and the strain of living that lie.) Plus, today’s Olympians bodies are on full display in tight athletic wear. I was watching the swimming trials last night. No one could hide their form once they were at the start of the race. 


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