Food Anxiety

This Food 52 article hits on a lot of the issues I have with how we talk about food today. Almost all food media discusses how to eat in the best, most ethical way possible without acknowledging the expense and time it takes to do so. It’s not like most families have unlimited resources and time to make the kinds of foods that culture then turns around and mocks Gwyneth Paltrow’s goop for suggesting. It’s a no win for most families: expense or guilt with no wiggle room in between.

In part, this situation exists because we’ve approached making changes in food production as a consumer issue and not a political one. Yeah consumers can get more organic milk on grocery shelves but that doesn’t mean the whole dairy industry has changed over to better production standards, which should be the ultimate goal. We’re also tone deaf in discussions of consumables about issues of class. No working class family can afford to buy organic milk which is two times per gallon what nonorganic is. Nor does WIC or food stamps cover organic milk. What food media needs to do, as this article argues, is provide 

Real, manageable tips that can be applied to daily cooking, to weekly shopping, that are better choices. I want to know about the big problems, of course, but I’d also like to see solutions, fixes, options that are both big and small. So that it’s easier to take action and harder to write these issues off as too big, too scary, too inaccessible to do anything about.

Small solutions for every family that doesn’t break the bank would be nice. I like goop and I’ve used some of those recipes. They turn out just fine. But I’m also not feeding a family nightly. I can’t imagine how you balance clean and ethical eating with kids who want chicken nuggets much the cost. 


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