Eat like Bourdain

I’m not going to lie, tonight’s presidential debate has me wounded up like a spring of anxiety. So in lieu of reading about tightening polls, Russian hackers, shootings at a strip mall in Houston, or any of the other things in the world that will make me sad about the state of the universe, I ran in the light rain this morning, booked an extra yoga class this afternoon, and I’m going to spend my day writing and grading, thereby reminding myself that I can create meaningful things in the world and that my students are growing as thinkers and writers.

Oh, and dream about one day staying at the Chateau Marmont and eating like Anthony Bourdain.

I assume you only get to eat this much meat if you also are doing jiu jitsu daily, which I’m sure would break me. But I might be willing to make that trade off. Admittedly, Bourdain is more on the Gordan Ramsey side of cooking–what Jason terms the angry/yelling side of things that sometimes makes the task more complicated–versus the Jacques Pepin get an extra glass of wine and be a little lazy side. (Jason and a friend have a running scrambled eggs contest of the Ramsey vs. Pepin methods, ¬†one of which requires you to watch the eggs constantly and the other lets you drink coffee and not pay a lot of attention; I get to benefit from perfectly cooked scrambled eggs no matter the method.) So, the jiu jitsu is probably necessary self care for Bourdain. Still, it’s nice work to be able to travel, eat, and talk to people about traveling and eating.



Well any ship named Avalon can’t have a happy course, but I’m excited about the blend of the personal and sci fi in Passengers. The has been a dearth of both good sci fi and good romantic films lately.