Song of the Day: Arrested Development, “Tennessee”


Commonplace: Patton Oswalt on grief

“Depression is more seductive,” he said. “Its tool is: ‘Wouldn’t it be way more comfortable to stay inside and not deal with people?’ Grief is an attack on life. It’s not a seducer. It’s an ambush or worse. It stands right out there and says: ‘The minute you try something, I’m waiting for you.’”

~ powerful interview with Patton Oswalt after the death of his wife. And an accurate description of grief. 

Of books, collecting, and clutter

Fascinating article on books and their place in our homes. It also traces our current obsession with minimalism and the push/pull of capitalist consumption that asks us to buy more things to keep that engine running while also telling us to declutter our lives. I admit there’s something freeing about Marie Kondo’s method except for when it comes to books. Everything in me rebels against how she sees books as simply containers that you’re done with when you’ve read them once. I also abhor all articles telling me how to decorate with my books. They are not decorative objects. I even have a non decorative book stack at Jason’s. 

-hat tip Jennifer Phegley for the article.