Top 5 Moment of 2016

The general malaise of this year has made it more difficult to put together the top 5 list I do with my friends Walter and Dan, and yet doing so seems even more important in such a time as this one. So here are my top 5 moments of 2016.

1) I’m my honorary nephew Sammy’s godmother. The christening was at the beginning of December, and it just makes my heart happy to have a permanent place in that little boy’s life.

2) I wrote two essays this year. One the women poets in Blackwood’s I’ve had kicking around forever and one on Victorian Christmas serials and Doctor Who. Oh and both are placed in an edited collection and a journal, respectively. I also indexed Bentley’s from 1837-1851, wrote two conference papers, and was co-chair of a library director search committee. I’m tired guys. It’s been a lot of work this year. 

3) Lots of travel to places with people I know: Philadelphia for a wedding and Athens for a conference, but I did a lot more eating with Walter than conferencing. 🙂 

4) The sampler of perfect oysters Jason and I had in Athens at a restaurant called Seabear (thanks Walter for reminding me!).  It had a warm, inviting ambience, and the oysters, my heavens those oysters. We could have eaten just those oysters for hours. It was a lovely moment of food experimentation and sharing with the man I love.

5) Being in the pictures of Jason’s honorary nephews, well nephews, special family moments for the year. I’m continuously amazed about how supportive Jason’s friends family is and how they’ve made me one of their family. Well maybe this one is two. In general, I’m constantly amazed by how supportive and lovely Jason is of my career, my interests, my anxieties, my cat squad, and just me in general. Becoming part of his extended family just emphasizes even more how wonderful he is. Indeed, as I sit on the couch typing this next to him, Dodger is curled up asleep between–his preferred place–and Constance is trying to get our attention in his cage. 


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