Grace Bonney, who runs design*sponge, is one of my favorite bloggers. I don’t even read the site anymore for design ideas, realizing that I only have so much time to decorate even though I now have more spaces to decorate. (The boyfriend is letting me paint his house this summer. I’ve already picked the paint color for the hallway…) Mostly, I read because Bonney has a unique sensibility and voice for thinking about how design, space, gender issues, work/life balance, and mindfulness intersect. She highlights cool new designers and their struggles to make it in this marketplace while also looking at how women, in particular, can succeed as entrepreneurs. As she’s shared more of her personal life–her divorce, coming out, and now marriage to Julia Turshen–, the blog has opened up, becoming more self-reflective, and asking its readers to be more self-reflective in positive kinds of ways. If I had to guess, I’d say Bonney is a thinking introvert (a new category I just discovered), which is probably why her work appeals to me. Her lastest entry is this wonderful meditation on “finding your quiet.”  It’s about listening to what drives you and what work you want to do that is both meaningful and makes you happy.


Design*Sponge Makes Latte Hearts

In honor of the symbolism of Valentine’s Day, here’s a video from Grace Bonney, blogger extraordinaire and creative head of Design’Sponge, on how to make latte hearts. It’s like she knew I always wanted to know how to do this.

I mean knowing how will not prevent me from going to Oddfellows in Dallas, where they’ve raised coffee art to a science. But I can now muck about in my kitchen, messing it up.