Song of the Day: The Beatles, “With a Little Help From My Friends”


Dove Bikes and The Arctic Monkeys

The image I’m still thinking about from the Opening Ceremony of the London 2012 Olympics is still the one of the dove bikes. The Guardian has how they did it here. Apparently, it’s been a tradition to release doves at every Olympic ceremony, but leave it to Danny Boyle to mix LED lights, cycling, doves, and the Arctic Monkeys covering the Beatles all together.

One of the people I follow on twitter, Matt Smith, got to be one of the cyclists. Go to his twitter feed for insider images. (I don’t want to repost them.)

The Arctic Monkeys ridiculously good cover of the Beatles “Come Together” set the perfect tone, and set up Paul McCartney at the end as well. I posted the album version here below because nothing online was an actual video.